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Unforeseen things happen, and they definitely happen to fishing rods when we least expect it.

Our warranty policy is pretty darn simple:


Graphite Fly Rods:


Any of our graphite fly rods that are still in current production will be fixed, regardless of the damage, for a service fee of $65.00 per rod section.



Bamboo Fly Rods:

If it is our fault; items relating to workmanship or material defects such as delaminating of a glue joint, unseen defect in the cane or cork, etc.  We will repair or replace your rod or rod section at our discretion.

If it is your fault (closing a screen door or car door on it, stepping on it, driving over it, falling on it, sticking it in a ceiling fan, normal wear and tear, modification, etc) we will work to get your fly rod back in service as quickly and inexpensively as possible. 

Fly rods (all sections) must be shipped to us, by you, to make a warranty determination. Our determination of warranty issues is final.  If the failure was due to workmanship or material defect your fly rod will be returned when completed at our expense.

Made in USA