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Show everyone how much you love fly fishing with one of our Solid Nickel Silver Money Clips.

Multiple design options allow you to express yourself as an individual.

Each Nickel Silver money clip is hand engraved by our owner and lead designer, Jason Zicha. While most professional engravers today use powered tools and microscopes to be able to compete within our economy...Jason subscribes to the ancient and more traditional method of engraving using only a hammer an chisel.

As each money clip is hand at a time...each piece will be slightly different (whether you are able to discern the difference yourself, or not).

As artists are restless and need to create new work, each design will be available for a limited time, with new designs released in the future.


$45.00 each





Money Clip Predator Brown 

Predator Brown





Money Clip Swimming Brown 

Swimming Brown





Money Clip Mayfly 







Made in USA