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Line Winder

Our silk line dryer/line winder was designed to be small and portable, but large enough to quickly handle any job.

This design originated due to the number of lines we are swapping out in the shop, and my lack of workbench space to dedicate to a large bench top model.  I fish left-hand retrieve, but have two lefties in the house so I often reverse lines for them to use.  We also need to reverse reels or change lines for customers to demo our rods in the field and at shows.  

This winder is small enough that I always have one in my gear bag and the jaw capacity is large enough to clamp on a tail gate (this way valuable fly lines are not spooled off on to the ground when someone "bird's-nests" a spool).  Now you can travel with your silk fly lines, and dry them right in camp or the hotel to be ready for the next day.

$29.95 each


Made in USA