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Furled Leader

Tippet ring makes changing tippet easy, just attach 2-6 feet of tippet and you are ready to fish. 

Shorb loop at the butt end makes for easy loop-to-loop line connection, or they can be attached with a nail not. 

Turns tippet and flies over for the most delicate dry fly presentations.

No memory coils to stretch out.  Tie on your tippet and fish.

More durable, and longer lasting, than monofilament leaders.

No “rooster tail” on pick-up, or “slap” on presentation.

Comes pre-treated with floatant.  When required, use your favorite fly floatant or line cleaner/floatant.

Hand tied in the USA.

Available for 1-3 wt, and 4-6 wt lines in assorted colors in the following lengths:

65”            (for 7.5’ leaders)

76”            (for 9’ leaders)

$8.95 each.



Made in USA