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Ferrule Plug 2

Ferrule Plug

Our ferrule plugs have been very popular for replacing lost plugs or adding to a fly rod which was not provided with them.  These are the same plugs that we include with each of our new bamboo fly rods.  These are in high demand, and often are on back-order, so get yours now.

This ferrule plug is made from Brazilian Tulipwood, with a cork base mounted over a brass shaft. Our ferrule plugs are built in two sizes, to fit and protect female ferrules from 9/64 to 11/64 and 12/64 to 14/64.  Sizes larger than 14/64 are treated as custom orders, so the top cap size can be increased to match the ferrule size (and are usually shipped in about a week).  Custom orders have been done up to size 29/64. 


This ferrule plug has been made slightly oversize to accomodate ferrules from different manufacturers which have been made over time, and needs to be hand fitted. Fitting the ferrule plug normally takes us about 10 minutes in the shop with a fine grit sandpaper.  Sandpaper and directions for fitting are included with the ferrule plug.

Our ferrule plugs are each turned by hand on a lathe, so small differences from one to another are normal.

Ferrule plugs are one of the most overlooked aspects to preserving bamboo fly rods, both vintage and new.  Ferrule plugs keep dirt out of the female ferrule as well as help prevent the nickel silver from oxidizing, both dirt and oxidation act like sandpaper each time you put the ferrules together which results in a loose fitting ferrule combination over time.

Additionally, ferrule plugs help to protect the tip section of the bamboo fly rod while stored in the rod sock, as it adds length to the butt section and keeps the sock from hanging on the tip section, helping to avoid a "set" or permanent curve.

$19.95 each.


Made in USA