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Since 1997, we have searched high an low for quality cork rings for fly rod handles.  We have literally bought the very best cork rings offered by every vendor of cork within the United all stinks!

We do not ever fill voids in cork handles with glue and cork dust, so initial quality counts very much in our shop.

We now import our own cork directly from Portugal, where the cork trees grow.  We have found an excellent supply of Flor (real flor, not what someone here calls flor) grade cork.

As with all cork, it is graded by human eye, so there may be small inconsistencies from batch to batch but overall this is the best rod building cork we have sourced in the world.

Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  Each photo on this page is from a random handful of cork rings from a couple shipments of our cork.  We are confident that you will not find a better product from any U.S. supplier.


Because cork rings are a natural product and prone to have small deviations due to the hand grading system used in Portugal we do not accept returns on cork rings.  All orders are filled by randomly picking cork rings from our current shipment, we do not sub-grade our rings.

Supplies can sometimes be limited.  

Cork Rings - $2.75 each


Cork Update

Due to a shortage in high quality cork availability in Portugal this year, we will not be filling any cork orders.  Any cork orders places, will be immediately refunded, and no product will be shipped.


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