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Every bamboo fly rod we build has excess material that has to be cut off each end of the blank.  Like most rod builders, we use this extra material to fashion tools small tools for the shop, wrap color samples and experiment with different techniques.

A couple years ago, we started turning blank cut-offs into bodkins for a few close friends who were fly tiers.  When the general public started seeing them show up at the Fly Fishing Expo's out west, we were persuaded to make these bodkins a regular item.

The bamboo handles are approximately 2.75" long, with a 2" long bronze needle.  Handle diameters vary, but generally fall in to three main sizes:  Approx 3/16", Approx 1/4", 5/16" and larger.

These are a great way to dress up your tying bench, and an ideal conversation starter.

$6.00 each

Bamboo Bodkins


Made in USA