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Here is a fun project we did this fall.


First up, we did one of our custom hand engraved reel seats.


Then we paired that with a hand engraved rod tube for the customers new bamboo fly rod.


ATO Reel SeatATO Rod Tube

Our shop is located at the end of a dead end road, at the base of a 2500' mountain. While not being that far out of the town of Midway, Utah (population 3500) I know that some of our local customers feel it is a bit out of there way.


Being 10 minutes from a Blue Ribbon trout stream is most of the reason for the location. These photos from my morning hike the other day should explain the rest.


These 3 photos were all taken on the same day, on a quick 1.75 mile hike.


I wasn't quite fast enough getting my camera and tripod out of my pack to catch the second buck, they were sqaring off to see who owned the mountain.


Rutting Buck
















There were 22 elk in this herd.

22 Elk Herd


This little guy comes and hangs around the shop in the spring and fall to catch voles out of the pasture for the last 4 years.



Below is a set of custom Ebony ferrule plugs we did a while back for a customer who had a favorite fly rod with an Ebony reel seat insert.



Ebony ferrule plugs


Here is a photos of something we just did for fun...yes, work can be fun.


This is based off a photograph that our friend had taken by his guide after catching his first Perit.  Hand engraved into a steel plate.


I forgot to include a size reference in this photo, but the Permit can be covered by a standard U.S. Penny.


Mikes Permit

Mikes Permit Photo




















Here is a good one!


This is a one of a kind bamboo spinning rod, as of it's build date there was not another one like it anywhere on planet Earth.


What makes it so special, you ask?  For is bamboo. Bamboo spinning rods are nothing new, however, as there were  hundreds of thousands built over the years (unfortunately, very few have survived when compared to fly rods).


The thing that makes this particular rod so unique is that it was built using the Microwave Line Control System built by our freinds down in Florida at American Tackle.  If you are not familiar with the "Microwaves" and you use spin gear, then you need to get your hands on a demo and try it out.


This particular spinning rod was built for my dad.  I don't know that he has ever held a fly rod in his life (grandpa got me hooked) but loves to fish.  I have offered many times over the years to build something up for him, but he has always been happy with his fiberglass and Ugly Sticks. 


After a stroke a while back, I thought he needed a good reason to get back on the water, as therapy of course.  So we hatched this plan with American Tackle's input.


This spin rod is a 100' of line, easy casting, Rocket of a spin rod.


Reports from Eastern Washington State are that this fishes as nice as it looks.


Enjoy the photos...




Bamboo Spinning Rod Handle

Bamboo Spinning Rod Guides


Bamboo Spinning Rod Grip


Bamboo Spinning Rod Tip