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This bamboo fly rod was designed for the Teton River in East Idaho.  The river starts out as a wandering match the hatch spring creek around Driggs and Tetonia, drops into a tumultuous canyon section where bushy dry flies are in order, then emerges into a freestone river with treed canopy before joining the Snake River.  A jack of all trades emerges as the ideal fly rod of choice.  A medium action rod that is delicate enough for dries on the wandering river around Driggs, stout enough for nymphs and big drys in the Canyon section, and short enough for the treed canopy of the lower river towards Rexburg.

7’2”, in line weights 4 & 5

South Fork Reel Seat

Upgrade Reel Seat

Standard Reel Seat

Standard Slide Band Reel Seat

Made in USA