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Spring Creek


The epitome of a “Dry-Fly” rod, the Spring Creek series was designed with that specific goal in mind.  This bamboo fly rod came to fruition while fishing a group of three relatively untouched "sister" spring creeks with water so clear they are twice the depth they appear. It comes in at a diminutive 7'6" for sneaking into tight places, but throws a small loop go get under a brushy canopy.  It will cast up to 70 feet, but presents the fly so softly that fish don't know you are around.  With a progressive fast action, it loads easily for both short and longer casts.  It’s fine tip is incredibly sensitive, and will leave your eyes straining trying to pick out the six individual strips at the tip top.  The perfect rod for sneaking up on wary fish.

7'0" in line weights 2, 3, & 4.

7’6 in line weights 2, 3, & 4.

South Fork Reel Seat

Upgrade Reel Seat

Standard Reel Seat

Standard Slide Band Reel Seat

Made in USA