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South Fork


The South Fork model was designed with a new generation of anglers in mind.  It’s moderate/Fast action has a more familiar feel to today’s modern angler who has grown up with and become accustomed to the feel of graphite fly rods.  8’ in length, it’s powerful spine has the power needed to fish our large, open, windy Western Rivers. This fly rod was designed around the South Fork of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho where we fish with a lot of large bushy dry flies and streamers. The smooth action has been refined to throw anything from a midge to streamers.

This has quickly become one of our “Go-To” all around bamboo fly rod, and a top seller.

Available 8’ long, 2 or 3 piece, in line weights 4, 5, & 6.

South Fork Reel Seat

Upgrade Reel Seat

South Fork Guide 2

South Fork Ferrule

South Fork Guide

Standard Reel Seat

Standard Slide Band Reel Seat

South Fork Rod Label

Made in USA