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Historical Reproductions


We maintain a large database of bamboo fly rod tapers, information which has been taken from actual measurements of historical bamboo fly rods over the years and passed from builder to builder.

With this information, we are able to build reproductions of many builders work including Payne, Garrison, Leonard, Young, Dickerson, Granger, Hardy, Heddon, Powell an others.

With the use of computer based mechanical engineering software, we can also convert historical rod tapers from 2 to 3 piece fly rods and visa versa.

As time passes, many models are becoming more scarce, but we are able to do the original masters justice.  If you have your eye set on an old bamboo fly rod, but cannot find a suitable specimen, we can help.

This data is also invaluable in reproducing missing or broken bamboo fly rod sections when we are doing repairs.

Pricing is typically slightly more than our standard bamboo fly rods, but not prohibitive.

Made in USA