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Website Update

Please bear with us as we update our website...


We are in the process of migrating the remainder of our photographs and content to the new the same time that we are organizing the Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival.


Join us at the festival this August, and see our products in person.

Website Update


After having this website up for a number of years, and a number of program updates to the back end operating system...things have started becoming laborious to maintain.


Starting in Mid-June, we will begin rebuilding the website using a fresh operating system install. The look will remain mostly the same as it always has been, but there will be changes. The plan is to take the old site off line once the new version is built to at least 50%. That means that for some period of time, some information may not be available. Some products may not show a description, or be patched through to the shopping cart.


If you have any trouble finding something or would like to order a product that you know we used to carry...just call the shop. We will take a quick order over the phone (like the "old days").


The good news, is that we have a number of new products that we have not been able to load onto the old website. New bamboo fly rod models, new graphite fly rod models, tools, and more. I guess it has paid off for the locals...first dibs on all of the new designs.


This new installation will also fix problems we were having with the blog. This means that we will be able to start writing again on subjects like...30+ years of fly fishing, the fly fishing industry, fly rod design, art, and whatever else strikes our fancy. Stay tuned.

Join us August 11th & 12th, 2017 as we once again host the Heber Valley Fly Fising Festival in Midway, UT.

Click on the picture to go to the festival website for more information.


2017 HVFFF Poster Final